The insurance covers four (4) components:

Damage Or Loss To The Insured Vehicle As A Result Of;

Accidental damage, Collusion and/ or Overturning

Theft or burglary of vehicle

Fire either from external, self-ignition or lightening

Flood, windstorm and other Convulsion of nature

Limit of liability is the sum insured

Death Or Bodily Injury To Third Parties

LOYALTY Insurance will pay compensation for the death or bodily injury to third parties which occur as a result of an accident to the vehicle.

Third Party Property Damage;

Damage to properties belonging to someone other than the insured and also not being carried in the insured vehicle or in the custody of the insured are covered to a limit of ghc2000.00 with an option to increase the cover limit.

Personal Accident for Drivers

This covers accidental injuries to the driver of the insured vehicle. Insured’s are entitled to compensation and medical expense reimbursement for any accidental injury up to a limit ghc500.00 with an option to increase the cover limit (sum insured). A capital is payable for death and permanent disability.


Apart from the standard benefits under our Motor Comprehensive policies, your outfit can enjoy the following additional benefits;

1. Excess Buy Back

2. Enhanced Third Party Damage Limit

3. Enhanced personal accident